Must-See Epic Spots for Archery Face-Offs

Even before archery’s recent fame, attributed to the 2016 Rio Olympics and Hunger Games, the world’s top archers often gather and compete in breathtaking places around the globe. And now, thanks to the sport’s extensive support from international archery organizations and upsurge of worldwide participation and attention, archers are enjoying infinite opportunities to compete in epic sites around the world.



Since 2006, Konyyalti Beach, Antalya has been a popular destination for the World Cups circuit. Known as “Turquoise Coast” because of its blue, placid waters, this Mediterranean coastline destination offers ocean side vibe for archery athletes and fans. The 2016 Hyundai Archery World Cup Stage 3 was held in this scenic spot.


In the 2012 World Cup Final, Tokyo Hibiya Park was jampacked with the world’s best archers and their supporters. Formerly serving as palace grounds for feudal lords and military grounds, it was converted to be an urban-style park in 1903. Hibiya Park is an interesting place to be visited for its museum, restaurants, outdoor music domes and large flower gardens. It boasts of rich history, being near the Imperial Palace, within the grounds of what was once Edo Castle.


The historic Mayapan Pyramids was chosen as the venue for the first ever World Cup Grand Final in 2006. This famous tourist attraction witnessed how Korea’s Park Kyung-Mo, Zhang Juan Juan from China, the USA’s Reo Wilde and Sofia Goncharova of Russia claim to have been the very first Archery World Cup Champions!

Being consistently preferred for archery and multi-sport events such as Caribbean, Pan American, Central American and Olympic Games, the Mexico City will host the 2017 World Championships.


Home of the world class Samba Schools Carnival Parade, this stadium in Rio hosted the recently concluded archery events for the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics. In preparation Sambodromo underwent renovation in 2012, which expanded its capacity from 60,000 to 72,500 spectators.

It was also a place for another archery history highlight. The South Korea Archery Team awed the world by bagging all gold medals for the men’s team, women’s team, men’s individual, and women’s individual events.

Are you now interested to shoot some arrows in these epic places? Wait. Stop first. Maybe you can start shooting arrows at your backyard first.

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