5 of the Best Parks You Need to Visit When in London


London has some of the most beautiful parks and green spaces in the world. Locals and tourists who want to spend time enjoying natural sceneries will have no trouble finding one while in the city. But picking one from amongst the long list of choices can be overwhelming. If you do not have the time to squeeze in a visit for several parks in a brief stay in London, here are some of the best ones that you might want to put on your list.

1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a vast natural attraction that covers 350 acres. The renowned park is one of the best of its kind in the world. It is a great place for recreational activities and active pursuits for people from all walks of life. There is no dearth of things to do in this massive parkland. Its thousands of trees as well as flora and fauna provide a natural environment suitable for people who want a quick escape from the constant buzz of activities in the city. The park has a large lake where people can be seen rowing a boat on a beautiful spring or summer day. There are facilities and spaces for several types of active games including horse riding and tennis. These are on top of the common attractions found in most parks like playgrounds, picnic areas, and more.

2. Kensington Gardens

There are many things to enjoy in Kensington Gardens. This Royal Park in the heart of London includes the Kensington Palace in its wide array of attractions. The park covers 275 acres of natural scenery. It is home to Italian Gardens and several memorials and sculptures which people can admire at leisure. There are several areas suitable for picnics. The playgrounds provide spacious areas for children and adults alike to frolic. The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground draws throngs of park goers. This place is a breathtaking natural haven with plenty of wildlife in the midst of a busy cityscape.

3. Richmond Park

Richmond Park is London’s biggest Royal Park. It spans 2500 acres and boasts of diverse and breathtaking landscape. The woods are home to trees that have been standing there for hundreds of years. There are several species of plants and animals that live in the area including the hundreds of free-roaming deer the park has long been known for. Visiting this park evokes a feeling that you are no longer in the heart of a bustling city but somewhere in the woodlands in the countryside. This park provides an idyllic getaway for people who want a change of scenery. There is no shortage of things to do given the wide array of recreational activities and active adventures to suit different people’s preferences.

4. The Regent’s Park

The Regent’s Park is famous for many things including its awe-inspiring rose gardens. Designed by architect legend John Nash in the early 1800’s, this 410-acre park features a massive outdoor space dedicated for different sports. Despite the extensive list of attractions and activities to find here, the Regent’s Park manages to retain a tranquil atmosphere.

5. St James’s Park

The 58-acre St James’s Park is home to a lake where several pelicans frolic. But it is not only the pelicans that draw the crowds of locals and travelers that visit it. The park sits in the midst of three Royal palaces, which adds to the many reasons to visit the place. It is an excellent place to catch a glimpse of one of the ceremonial parades held in the area.

heating in the winter

Beating Up the Winter Blues in National Parks

Before you decide to go outside and enjoy your recreation in national parks around the globe during the winter season, check for the best heaters online and equip your dwelling with the most convenient type of space heater which boasts of special features that keep you comfortable all winter long. But staying indoors won’t give you the best opportunity to experience the great winter. You need to explore the beauty outside amidst the snowbound environment.  There’s something for you in the outdoors even when it’s extremely cold.


Although staying indoors is made comfier through the use of the most efficient space heater, you have to go outside from time to time and breathe chilly air.  Your room temperature will give you the confidence to stand out in the freezing environment outdoors. You get to enjoy the astonishing landscapes in national parks.


Venture out in national parks with your family, create memories, and have fun together in the freezing cold.  Travel with the whole family and visit the Death Valley National Park, straddling the border of California and Nevada.  It is one of the captivating national parks in the United States and makes one of the most visited winter destinations in the world. Have a wonderful glimpse of the truly amazing Dante’s View or tour around Titus Canyon. Get amazed of the park’s mysterious singing rocks and colorful stones. Chill out with the whole family and visit the hottest and the driest place in America.


When temperatures are dropping around the country never stop to explore the beauty of the national parks. Continue to bond with your family just like in the summer. Include the Redwood National Park in California. Experience a mild winter in the forest of Pfeiffer Big Sur Sate Park. The icy surroundings still can make you have a perfect view of its redwoods, oaks, maples, sycamores, and much more.  The snowy surroundings can’t stop you from hiking and picnicking. The gorgeous views will leave you jaw-dropped and will make you taste in eternity the national park goodness.

heating in the winter


Check for more beautiful parks to visit as your great winter escape and never forget to include the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and enjoy winter mountaineering, skiing, and even gazing at its snow-capped peaks will already give you great wintertime.

Enjoy the snowy solitude of the winter. Venture out, any way you get a warm reprieve when you get home because your space heater will easily accommodate your heating needs.  Your snowy trek has its best compensation in the warmth of your indoor environment.

Local Park

4 Interesting Benefits of Local Parks

You can find parks everywhere in the world.

A place where you can relax, bond, and share wonderful moments with the community. A happy park is a happy community.

Did you know that it offers many benefits to us? To find out its advantage, let’s find out some interesting benefits of local parks.

Regular Physical Activity

A park provides enough space for physical activities.

Exercising in the park will boost your mood. Also, it is free! If ever you’re on a tight budget and unable to go to a gym, parks can provide you room for that!

Helps socialize


Get Ready To Meet New People!

A park is a perfect place for meeting and bonding with new people!

You’ll meet different individuals as you roam around the park. It has enough space for the whole community to interact and meet new people. So, whenever you feel lonely or isolated, go out and interact with new people around the park.

You can ask them if they want to eat with you. Share that sandwiches that you brought with you. Of course, bring your homemade tea that you dried using the tea leaf drying machine that you bought online. Pretty cool stuff.

Reduce stress

This is one of the reasons why we go to park. To eliminate all the stress! Parks have beautiful sceneries and very good atmosphere which is good for our mind and body. There’s a research shown that a walk in the park helps lower the stress, boost mood, reduced blood pressure, and even improved self-esteem! One best reason to visit the park regularly!

Protect the environment

Parks are usually filled with greeneries and trees. Trees can absorb tons of carbon dioxide around the environment. Not only that parks can protect the environment, it also affects our overall health positively.

There are many more reasons why you should visit a park regularly. These are some of it to motivate you! During your free time, take a minute walk at the park with your loved ones. Find and cherish beautiful sceneries and moments around the park!


Hope that you enjoyed reading the article. See you next time.


Get Refreshed in the Park

Visiting a national park in the spring is exciting and relaxing. The rejuvenating season is a perfect time for creating moments with your family and the park is a great place to unwind and recharge your exhausted senses. The blossoming flowers and the fresh air are so real. It’s the best opportunity to commune with nature and to get refreshed.  To make your visit even lovelier, you can bring with you fresh juice from fruits and vegetables for a fantastic picnicking with the whole family.

The stunning landscapes in the park are picture perfect. It is the best place to be to stay away from the stresses of the world and to be with your loved ones. There is great joy when you see all your loved ones seated on a picnic blanket sharing delicious and palatable foods and drinking your freshly made juices. Yes, you can bring your healthy juices in the park and let each one take a glass and experience its rejuvenating and refreshing effects.

For the great idea of juicing, I’m inviting your attention here at http://juicerkings.com/. Get the most fantastic juicer and have a wonderful time juicing. Choose the best juicer that will extend the shelf life of your fresh juice so that you can bring it in the park for your delightful picnic.  Pick the type of juicer that will keep the freshness of your juice for about 72 hours. This juicer will surely not compromise the nutritional value of your refreshing juice. Hence, you can share it with your family and friends.

the idea of juicing

Juicing and staying in the park for a while will make us feel great. Your picnic will be made more loveable by the smell of trees and by the refreshing palatable taste of the fresh fruit and veggie juices.  This will give you a fantastic spring break. The fresh juice is packed with vitamins and minerals that make you even healthier. Having your own juicer will give you the best opportunity to get a lot from your fresh fruits, herbs, leafy greens, parsley, ginger, and much more. Your juicing machine will also give you the freedom to make juicing experiments that will be palatable to your taste.

What does picnicking in the park and juicing have in common? Well, obviously, both offer benefits for the health. The park will make you feel relaxed and will enhance mental and physical health. On the other hand, juicing will keep you refreshed and rejuvenated just like the spring season.

Chainsawing for the Perfect Landscape in the Park


Strolling in the park with your family and pets is fun. It’s a way of relaxation which works greatly in our mental and physical health. Hence, the parks in the world are made more accommodating by perfecting landscapes. The plants, the trees, and the amenities for recreation have to perfectly blend. One way of beautifying parks is by trimming plants and trees. This calls for chainsawing. Check for great sawing ideas here at http://sawingpros.com/best-chainsaw-reviews.

Pruning the large branches of trees and cutting weaker trees will add to the fantastic look of the park. The efficiency of the chainsaw will best fit these tasks.  The beautiful landscape in the park calls for a regular maintenance. The pleasing appearance of the park will be contributed to the trimmed branches and the shaped trees. The trees in the park can be kept naturally pleasing by chainsawing.  Actually, the trimming and pruning of the surrounding trees in the park will not only aesthetically improve the park’s landscape but will also a way of hazard reduction. Untrimmed large branches of trees might be of potential danger to park visitors. The dry branches can fall anytime.  Severe weather conditions might cause equally severe damage to visitors, too.


The experienced chainsaw operator is expected to know the proper way of pruning trees to make these extraordinary gifts of nature amazingly beautiful and to live longer. Using the right type of chainsaw of the purpose of tree trimming and pruning will maintain the perfect shape of trees. Chainsawing can become overwhelming. However, it is a great technique to keep trees in the park in excellent shape. It is also one of the best ways to maintain the refreshing look in the park and to make the best of your visit.

Using the chainsaw for trimming purposes is an efficient and quick way of making a perfect landscape in the park.  It is for everybody’s safety and for health reasons. Thinning the trees will improve airflow which manifests clean and fresh air in the park.

A park is a great place to unwind and to be with the whole family. Hence, it should always be a welcoming and a safe place. Chainsawing has a dignified role of keeping up with these expectations. Make the chains saw the best instrument to make the park’s landscape attractive and park’s environs safe.

Sharing Good Foods in the Park

Have you tried to organize a picnic in the park? How about taking the idea to have a hearty mobile meal in the park with your family and friends? Having an outdoor meal is a fantastic experience. The foods and the beauty of nature complement each other to bring you total relaxation and happiness.  Plan about it and set the best location and the date.


Outdoor dining is quite fun and exciting. Basking with nature while sharing foods and at the same time telling life stories is memorable. The laughter and the satisfaction over your healthy recipes create an experience noteworthy.  Having a picnic in one of the beautiful parks nearby is a meaningful way of renewing family relationships and strengthening friendship bonds.

Spending quality time with your family at a nearby park will bring a great opportunity to talk and discuss things and life. Bring good foods and share them with friends. As we speak of good food, it has to be healthy and refreshing.  Think of the perfect method of cooking your favorite recipes that will not cause a disaster in the kitchen. The meal preparation should be made simple and fast.  This method of meal preparation could be pressure cooking. Buying a pressure cooker is an ideal choice.

Choose the best recipe which will be suited to the scenic spot in the park.  You might as well invite some of your close friends to have a picnic with your family.   Prepare delicious and nutritious foods for the planned picnic. Make it sure that your food won’t be limited to the usual sandwiches and salads. Create something new with your pressure cooker. Why not share your home cooked meals?  As long as you find the recipe comfortable to be brought in the park and that it could benefit everyone, prepare it and be ready to share and inspire.

Get ready with your picnic basket and blanket.  Pack everything you need beforehand so that everything will be in order and organized.  If you feel comfortable with picnic tables and chairs, you can as well bring them along. It’s best to prepare for the exciting day with the whole family. Set the mood and involve them in the meal preparation so they could also suggest what foods to bring to have a meaningful outdoor dining with friends.

We need to reconnect with our family and friends every once in a while. Share good foods in the park and create beautiful memories together.

Exquisite Pools for Delightful Park Visits


What’s the perfect day out? To best inspire you with your recreational park visits,  make it sure that you check our website @ http://poolparrot.com/best-automatic-pool-cleaner-guide . This is to give you the best pool cleaning ideas which could be the awesome secrets of the sparkling pools in the parks. The best automatic pool cleaner will give you the highest level of safe and healthy swimming.

Swimming in a sparkling pool is unforgettable! Your will treasure every minute you are in the water of one of the pristine pools in the world. Here are some of the most spectacular  swimming pools that are enticing you to dive in! These fabulous swimming pools are destinations in their own right and are gathering people from different places.  They are one-of-a-kind attractions and the most well-off pools that you are dying to visit.

Pelican Hill, California , United States

It is best described as the never-ending lap. It has a perfect diameter of 41.5 meters making it as the largest circular pool in the world. How fantastic it would be to swim here with the entire family! This fantastic pool is named after the Coliseum in Rome as it resembles the classical Italy in Orange County.

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

This impressive pool looks like an airport runway for the pool is illuminated by more than 1,000 tiny lights. The pool makes use of fiber optics that adds to its enchanting appeal. It is one of the largest pool in the Maldives.

San Alfonso Del Mar Resort,  Algarrobo,Chile

The relative size of the swimming pool matters. This is a fantastic watery which extends to the greatest extent that it is considered as the largest swimming pool in the whole world.  The idea of having small motorized boats in the pool is one of the unique experiences the pool could offer.

The Saegaia Resort, Miyazaki Japan

This is known as the Ocean Dome. It’s another watery paradise which is the second largest pool and the largest indoor pool in the entire world. This enchanting indoor pool accommodates 10,000 people that one time. This pool is best for competitive and skillful swimmers. It features a man-made volcano that is one of its main attractions.

Capella Pedregal Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This is totally a piece of paradise on Earth. The beachfront gives you an impressive overlooking view of the Pacific Ocean. What makes it remarkable is the only entrance to the pool which is a privately owned tunnel through the Dos Mares Mountains.  The pool could give you the most luxurious swimming experience which is once-in-a-lifetime!


These wonderful pools in the world offer an amazing swimming  experience to their visitors and guests. Experience the luxurious pools in your midst. Recreate them in your home. These are best pool ideas that can inspire you in constructing your own pool at home. You may not get the expanse of these awesome pools, but at least take the lavish atmosphere and the breathtaking views in your landscapes!

The Resurgence of Rowing Machines

rowing machines

The Rowing Never Stops

It goes on and on. It has become an upward trend in the field of fitness and sports. Our rowing machine buying guide will give you a glimpse of what rowing is all about.  The rowing machine’s significant uses have impressed athletes, young and old, as well as fitness enthusiasts.

Rowing has become a spectacular sport in different clubs and in international games like in the Olympics.  Participating in the sport and culture of rowing has been revitalized because of its amazing physical and mental health benefits.


Rowing machines was once a relegated fitness equipment in the gym. Only specks of dust and cobwebs mount on it for a ride. Their appeal once banished.  Fortunately, rowing machines have developed over time and won the desires of athletes and those who decide to become healthy and fit. Hence, the rowing machines are fitness machines revitalized. The amazing benefits of rowing have soared at greater heights bringing back the long-standing forms of fitness. Interestingly, the rowing machines are a commonplace in fitness studios and in posh gymnasiums. Non-rowers are introduced to the actual water-based rowing action which made its way to becoming a competitive sport in collegiate levels and in the most-sought Olympics. National indoor rowing competitions have attracted aspiring rowers from all over the world.

Impressive Popularity

rowing machines

Today, high school rowing has received growth trends. The sport’s physical and character-building factors have attracted students to row, row, and row to the extremes. It has become a valuable sport.  In fact, health club markets have been developed so as to go with the upswing growth of the sport.  Indoor rowing has become a trend in the world of sports.

Moreover, certain parks in different places have been developed to accommodate new rowing centers to address people’s needs to row for their fitness and athletic goals.

The Erg of Rowing

Ergometer rowing is the other name of indoor rowing. This fitness scheme has been widely used in training and preparation for athletes in rowing competitions in the Olympic Games. Rowing athletes have utilized the rowing machines to support their massive and their physically – demanding training.  Rowing machines are effective off-the-water training for determined rowers.  Athletes of other sports have utilized the rowing machines for cross training.

Indoor rowing machines have become highly refined pieces of fitness equipment which offer a low-impact cardio workout. Having one at home will surely motivate you to row and to row harder and to gain best from this amazing fitness equipment. Hence, you will experience how it is with the most outstanding exercise. It’s a challenging exercise at first but once tried, you will surely have a great way in achieving your fitness goals.

Must-See Epic Spots for Archery Face-Offs

Even before archery’s recent fame, attributed to the 2016 Rio Olympics and Hunger Games, the world’s top archers often gather and compete in breathtaking places around the globe. And now, thanks to the sport’s extensive support from international archery organizations and upsurge of worldwide participation and attention, archers are enjoying infinite opportunities to compete in epic sites around the world.



Since 2006, Konyyalti Beach, Antalya has been a popular destination for the World Cups circuit. Known as “Turquoise Coast” because of its blue, placid waters, this Mediterranean coastline destination offers ocean side vibe for archery athletes and fans. The 2016 Hyundai Archery World Cup Stage 3 was held in this scenic spot.


In the 2012 World Cup Final, Tokyo Hibiya Park was jampacked with the world’s best archers and their supporters. Formerly serving as palace grounds for feudal lords and military grounds, it was converted to be an urban-style park in 1903. Hibiya Park is an interesting place to be visited for its museum, restaurants, outdoor music domes and large flower gardens. It boasts of rich history, being near the Imperial Palace, within the grounds of what was once Edo Castle.


The historic Mayapan Pyramids was chosen as the venue for the first ever World Cup Grand Final in 2006. This famous tourist attraction witnessed how Korea’s Park Kyung-Mo, Zhang Juan Juan from China, the USA’s Reo Wilde and Sofia Goncharova of Russia claim to have been the very first Archery World Cup Champions!

Being consistently preferred for archery and multi-sport events such as Caribbean, Pan American, Central American and Olympic Games, the Mexico City will host the 2017 World Championships.


Home of the world class Samba Schools Carnival Parade, this stadium in Rio hosted the recently concluded archery events for the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics. In preparation Sambodromo underwent renovation in 2012, which expanded its capacity from 60,000 to 72,500 spectators.

It was also a place for another archery history highlight. The South Korea Archery Team awed the world by bagging all gold medals for the men’s team, women’s team, men’s individual, and women’s individual events.

Are you now interested to shoot some arrows in these epic places? Wait. Stop first. Maybe you can start shooting arrows at your backyard first.

From the backyard to the most exotic global destinations, you never know where archery will take you. Find and read a comprehensive compound bow guide or recurve bow guide then go to an archery store near you, and take the first step to your archery journey.

Fun Things to Do in Parks

If you’re looking for a change of pace or scenery, you don’t have to look far than the neighborhood or city parks near you. While many parks nowadays are beginning to attract more attention, most are still underutilized by people who have access to them. There are many perks to living in communities with parks nearby. With so many fun things to do, spending time in those wide open spaces can be a great experience.


Watch the activities at the playground

Park playgrounds are often busy with children playing and adults joining the fun or observing the activities. Whether you are visiting alone or with kids, it’s a nice area to sit by and just enjoy the moment. Watch the children’s antics as they play on the monkey bars, slides, swings, and other facilities in the area.


Play to your heart’s content

Get active by playing a game or sport in the available facilities at the parks you visit. Many parks have wide open spaces for sports like baseball or football. You can ride a bike along the bicycle paths many parks feature. Or you can go for a run in and around the park and join the games that some groups sometimes organize.


Indulge in a picnic

When was the last time you’ve been in a picnic? If you have trouble remembering, it might be a good time to start planning one. Invite family and friends for brunch or lunch in the park. Or you can go on an impromptu lunch any time you want. Instead of taking your usual lunch at your office or in a restaurant nearby, you can take away your food and head to the park for an enjoyable meal outdoors.


Enjoy the special events

Live performances, movie watching, and food festivals are among the many special events commonly held in parks. Find out what upcoming events are lined up in parks near you. You can enjoy the attractions and festivities with family and friends. You might be surprised how many events you’d be interested to see.


Surround yourself with nature

Sometimes the natural scenery alone is enough reason to spend time in a park. It’s a chance to bask in all that natural beauty you can find in parks. So the next time you can’t think of a compelling reason to go to a park, just imagine the glorious feeling of being around nature. It can be a quite motivating reason to go.

Top Reasons to Visit Parks Near You

If parks are not high on your list of places to visit at home or when traveling, now is always a good time to start doing it. Much has been said about the potential health benefits that come with spending time in green spaces. Many who spend time at neighborhood or city parks can attest to the immediate positive effects such visits give. Beneficial effects aside, here are some of the top reasons to visit parks near you.

It doesn’t cost you anything

Small neighborhood parks or even the larger city parks are accessible for free. Imagine enjoying all the attractions and amenities at no cost to you. All you really need to do is to show up and spend the time there any way you like. The beauty of parks is that they’re always there for you to explore and use as a brief escape from everyday routines. You can go for a stroll, read, or watch the people and scenery around you.

It’s good for your wellbeing

A visit to a nearby park can be a form of stress relief. It offers a change of scenery which may help take your mind off the things that threaten to overwhelm you. It may also fuel your creativity. The time you spend outdoors surrounded by beautiful views can refresh your mind. Park visits can also boost your mood not to mention the health benefits you gain when you spend more time in the midst of those green spaces.

It’s a space for recreation and physical activities

Parks are great places to get active. Many children love going to neighborhood parks because of the playgrounds they can enjoy. But it’s not only kids who can benefit from the open space and facilities available in many parks. Adults can likewise find plenty of things to do to get active. There are many recreational and sport activities you can do when in parks. Walking, riding bicycles, playing Frisbee and other sports are some of the many things to do during your visit.

It promotes a sense of community

Many people nowadays live in communities where everyone is fairly isolated from each other. Only a few often engage in community activities thus foster familiarity and camaraderie. Neighborhood parks provide opportunities for people who live in the area to meet by chance. This unplanned meetings and gatherings promote a sense of community.

It’s a great way to explore the area

Parks near your home or in hotels where you’re staying while traveling provide more venues to explore. It may be a good adventure where you can discover interesting sights and meet new people along the way.