Top Five Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

Are you thinking about quitting smoking for good? You will be successful if you are motivated and prepared for the stressful times you will have to go through before you are nicotine free. The following tips will help you quit smoking.

StopSmokingFirst of all, you should know that a lot of smokers do not succeed with their first attempt. It is important to remember that you will not quit unless you keep trying. If you smoke a cigarette after your official quit date, don’t assume that all your efforts are wasted. Instead of going back to smoking like you used to, focus on finding more efficient methods and keep trying. If you fail multiple times, meet with your doctor to talk about your options. Your doctor could for instance prescribe medication to help you quit.

Remind yourself why you need to quit smoking. You will experience strong cravings and stress while you quit and you will need to stay motivated. You could for instance make a list of the benefits of quitting so you can look at it whenever you crave a cigarette. Adding up the savings or thinking about improving your health should help you manage your cravings. Set some goals such as spending an entire afternoon without a cigarette and reward yourself if you are successful.

Learn to manage your stress and cravings. You can either replace cigarettes with another product that contains nicotine or simply deal with your stress by relaxing. Meditating, doing some breathing exercises, listening to relaxing music or even practicing yoga could help you quit smoking. Test different relaxation methods before you quit so you can find one that really works for you.

Quitting will be much easier if you eliminate temptations. Stay away from cigarette smoke and ask your friends not to smoke in front of you. Clean your entire house so you are not constantly smelling tobacco. You should also avoid situations that will cause you to feel stressed. If possible, take a few days off work so you can relax. If you anticipate that a situation or a person will cause you stress, use relaxation techniques beforehand.
Eliminating the toxins present in your system will make your cravings less intense. Smoking a cigarette causes your body to release toxins. A few hours later, these toxins cause you to feel stressed and crave another cigarette. Reducing the amount of toxins present in your body should make your cravings disappear within less than a week. You can eliminate toxins by drinking plenty of water and sweating. You should also avoid introducing new toxins in your system by staying away from coffee, alcohol or unhealthy foods.

Quitting smoking is definitely not easy but you will feel a lot better once you get through the strong initial cravings. You need to try different methods and find a combination that works for you. If you have a hard time quitting, think about meeting with a support group to talk with other smokers and get some advice.

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